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surname of the patient in whom the defect was first noted.
Fletcher defect - slow contact activation in coagulation of the blood.
Fletcher factor - factor found in coagulation studies, revealing a slow contact activation but not associated with bleeding abnormalities. Synonym(s): prekallikrein
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Liverpool Crown Court heard during Fletcher Snr's steroid peddling he tried to keep a safe distance by turning his son, also called Paul Fletcher, 26, into a criminal and letting him "get his hands dirty".
A full 216 years after Phillip Fletcher was baptised at St Fagans, Cardiff, in 1795, his descendents have gathered in the capital from across the globe to mark the family name's journey.
And now, a full 216 years after Phillip Fletcher was baptised at St Fagans in 1795, his descendants have gathered in Cardiff from across the globe to mark the family name's remarkable journey.
Matthew and Jennifer also began a torrid affair, prosecutors said, although Matthew Fletcher told the court that he considered Joel Shanbrom a friend.
Contact Fletchers Bakeries Ltd on tel: 0114 229 4490; or e-mail alan.
Fletcher Homes, also established in the 1930s, has built about 3,000 new homes in Shropshire and the Marches over the past 30 years.
When Fletcher lectured on American poetry at Oxford in 1922, his audience included the Rhodes Scholar and Fugitive poet William Yandell Elliott.
At one point the probe picks up Fletcher telling his son: "I think this Neil could be good for us.
He noted numerous inconsistencies in the Fletchers' statements to police, such as why Matthew Fletcher was in possession of Shanbrom's police badge and a backyard padlock to the Northridge home, both of which Fletcher said he found days after the murder.
Mr Brian Dean, prosecuting, said Fletcher was at home with her fiance, Mr William Gill, who lived in Glengarry Close, Bartley Green on September 4 last year.
Bruce and Iresha Fletcher of Chevy Chase, made the winning bid of $6,100 during the 11-day auction held June 11 to June 22.
Jennifer Fletcher was married to school police Officer Joel Shanbrom at the time of the murder, but was having an affair with Matthew Fletcher for months before the pair conspired to kill her husband, Head Deputy District Attorney Jeff Jonas said.