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1. Reduced flavone.
2. flavone1 hydroxylated at position 3; a member of a class of vascular pigments.
3. Any hydroxylated flavone.
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John's Wort extract, which is rich by the flavonol quercetin and nonphenolic hyperforin, induces CYP3A4 and CYP2C9.
a) The richest sources of flavonols are onion (1.2 g/kg of wet weight), broccoli, leeks and blueberries.
Antioxidant activity and total flavonol content were higher in both varieties under fully organic compared to fully conventional management.
Winkel, "Functional analysis of a predicted flavonol synthase gene family in arabidopsis," Plant Physiology, vol.
Interestingly, the flavonol fisetin, which differs from quercetin in lacking one hydroxy group in the A ring, also appeared very potent in the ARE assay but did not reach significance in the PPAR[gamma] assay.
Oxygen-containing heterocycles, notably flavonol and its derivatives, are imperative synthetic targets due to their manifestation in multifarious natural products, cavernous biological activities and efficacy as versatile intermediates in organic synthesis [6].
They followed 171,940 Nurses' Health Study and Nurses' Health Study II participants to examine associations between intakes of total flavonoids and their subclasses (flavanones, flavonols, anthocyanins, flavan-3-ols, flavones and polymeric flavonoids) and risk of ovarian cancer by using Cox proportional hazards models.
It remained at room temperature for 40 min; the absorbance of the reaction mixture was measured at 415 nm for flavonoid assay and then was measured at 440 nm for flavonol assay.
Function-structure analysis indicated 1) flavonoids with more free phenolic hydroxyl groups showed relative higher antiplatelet and antiradical activities; 2) substitution of 7-OH of A ring affected antiplatelet capacities of flavanones apparently; 3) free 3-OH of C ring was important for both the antiplatelet and antiradical activities of flavonol (quercetin) and flavones (rutin isoquercitrin); 4) C ring C2-C3 double bond and B ring 3'-4'orthodihydroxy might be important for its antiradical function.