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We evaluated the specificity of the assays in a subgroup of 109 serum samples with a strong potential for causing flavivirus cross-reactions (non-Zika subgroup).
It has also been reported that the amino acids surrounding Asnl54 differ in ZIKV E and in other flavivirus, which may provide insight into the pathobiology of Zika virus (31).
The research team used recently developed genome-wide CRISPR screening technology to identify which of the interferon-induced genes played a major role in suppressing flavivirus infection.
Lanciotti and coworkers (12) reported that ZIKV-infected patients had IgM antibodies against dengue viruses, especially if ZIKV was a secondary flavivirus infection.
Flavivirus genomes are mentioned by short names and GenBank IDs.
The arboviral serology report on 17 November indicated evidence of infection with a flavivirus, according to neutralizing antibody testing, with a plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT) titer > 1 280 for ZIKV (positive control titer > 320).
Standards for defining individual members of the genus Flavivirus (and indeed, for other virus genera) are still evolving, because the genetic sequence database is expanding.
Flavivirus virions are composed of a single positive-strand RNA genome, packaged by the viral capsid protein (C) in a host-derived lipid bilayer and surrounded by 180 copies of two structural proteins, envelope (E) and membrane (M) [9, 10].