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Additionally, one formulation comprising of two plant parts was used for treatment of flatulency in cows or buffaloes.
Rokto-pitto (local term for hematemesis-- condition of coming out of blood with vomit or sputum, can arise from either tuberculosis or hypertension), loss of appetite, diabetes, flatulency. Juice from stems and leaves are orally administered.
To cite just two instances, the green leaves of Justicia adhatoda were used for treatment of flatulency, low sperm count, sperm incapable of being fertilized, astringent, bitter, to increase flow of bile, biliary problems like bile turning the color of blood, gastrointestinal propulsion inhibitor (i.e.
Centella asiatica is used in Ayurvedic medicines for gastrointestinal troubles like flatulency, diarrhea, dysentery and stomach pain arising from any of these causes; the TMP used the plant for treatment of stomach pain (Serial Number 6).
The fruits of Piper nigrum are considered as carminative in Ayurveda, and may prove useful in stomach disorders like flatulency (Bloating), which in addition to being generally uncomfortable can also put pressure on the heart and lead to chest pain.