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adjective Referring to a sound without resonance.

Vox populi
adjective Referring to a horizontal surface without irregularities or significant curvature.
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1. Level and smooth.
2. Of a line on a chart, horizontal.
3. In psychology, lacking in expressive range.
4. In electrocardiography, isoelectric.
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Patient discussion about flat

Q. what does the term flat affect means?

A. "Flat affect: A severe reduction in emotional expressiveness. People with depression and schizophrenia often show flat affect. A person with schizophrenia may not show the signs of normal emotion, perhaps may speak in a monotonous voice, have diminished facial expressions, and appear extremely apathetic. Also known as blunted affect."

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Q. Can flat feet be repaired by surgery? I have flat feet and I’m looking for all sorts of treatments for it- I heard there is a surgery for it- is it helpful?

A. As far as I know- they don’t treat flat feet that are asymptomatic. So first of all check if it bothers you. secondly there are 2 kinds of flat feet- rigid and flexible. There are different and treated differently. Not always a surgery (which is very painful and costly) is needed– I went to a Rolf method therapist by the advice of my orthopedic and it’s much better now. Ask an orthopedic.

Q. I think my son has flat foot, how to tell for sure? I didn't notice it before, he is 3 years old now and all shoes hurt him. Does it mean he has flat foot? what else can it be?

A. Pes planus (flat foot) is not a rare condition in toddlers, and may resolves spontaneously as the child grows. It is diagnosed clinically, i.e. by a doctor such as pediatrician or pediatric orthopedic surgeon, and radiographs are not universally indicated

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--Fitch expects comps to be in the low-single digits annually on negative flattish comps at Victoria's Secret and low- to mid-single digit comps at Bath & Body Works;
Reports flattish dollar revenue growth for IT services in Q1
Singhi was quoted as saying "India is still a good market, though Europe is flattish and we are seeing only marginal growth.
Just after passing through the main part of Fron village, turn left by some dilapidated buildings, cross a cattle grid and drive a little way down the lane to park on a flattish area near where it turns into a broad track (Sat Nav LL54 7RF).
"Although we continue to expect that gross margin will be flattish for the full year, gross margin in the third quarter will likely be pressured by the expansion of key consumables categories and rising fuel costs."
He blamed a weak economy, flattish city revenues, dramatic cuts in state aid and the loss of federal stimulus money.
We know some will moan - but in our opinion these elegant structures would actually enhance the "flattish" hillscape behind Holywell.
Honeywell, the world's biggest maker of cockpit electronics, expects "flattish" sales next year, chief financial officer Dave Anderson said.
The Swiss Franc 's performance was flattish for the week, although we have seen major moves during trading hours.
Previous experiences of 3D give the impression of a flattish image with the occasional object "flying at you".
Omlettes require a fairly large, flattish pan but for a frittata you need something smaller and deeper so the finished dish can be served in a wedge or slice.
For the year, the company reported net income up 89% at $3.6bn on revenue flattish (down $40m) at $18.92bn.