flame photometer

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flame pho·tom·e·ter

an instrument that uses flame emission spectrophotometry to measure the intensity and other properties of light.
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The major equipment; centrifuge machine spectrophotometer and flame photometer were used in this research.
The focus areas of workshop were repairing of Spectrophotometer Systems; Flame Photometer Systems; Atomic Absorption system and XRF system; Thermal Analyzer; Gas Chromatographic Systems; HPLC Systems; Electron Microscopes; Laboratory Balances; Thermal Equipment (Oven and Furnace); and pH Meters.
05, indicating that there is a significant difference between the electrolyte values of both sodium and potassium using the flame photometer and ion-selective electrodes.
USPRwire, Tue Dec 16 2014] Photometer and Calorimeter Market by Type (Portable Photometer, Flame Photometer, Bomb Calorimeter, Reaction Calorimeter, & Other Photometers & Calorimeters ), Application(Biomedical, Research, Process Industries, & Others), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2013 - 2020
Varian Spectra AA-20 Plus GTA-96 (Victoria, Australia) atomic absorption spectrometer equipped with a deuterium lamp background correction system using an air-acetylene flame was used for the analysis of metals (Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Cr, Co, Ni, Cd, and Pb) and flame photometer (EEL, Evans Electroselenium Ltd, Halstead.
Six tenders for the supply of different scientific instruments including (a) flame photometer, (b) spectrophotometer UV/ Vis, (c) another spectrophotometer UV/ Vis for UPF, (d) a reflect meter for smoke, (e) an analytical balance (scale) 3 digits, also (f) another analytical balance (scale) 4 digits.
After 24 hours were measured water volume (ml/24 h) and the amount of sodium intake (mEq/24 h), urine volume (ml/24 h) and concentrations of sodium and potassium in urine (mEq/24 h) using a Ciba Corning 480 flame photometer.
Sodium (Na), Potassium (k), Sulphur (S), Phosphorous (P), was analyzed using a flame photometer.
The alkali and alkaline earth metals like Li+ ,Na+ ,K+ ,Ca+2 ,Ba+2 were analyzed by flame photometer and transition metals like Cr+3 , Mn+2 ,Fe+2, Co+2, Ni+2,Cu+2, Ag+ and Cd+2 were determined by Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.
Sherwood Scientific's five-element Model 360 flame photometer is a single channel unit built around the same mixing chamber, burner stem and burner head found in the company's Model 410.
The pH meter, conductivity meter, spectrophotometer, flame photometer instruments were used to analyze these parameters.