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But hoping to find more job applicants as the company expands, Flagger Force has invested in digital marketing and streamlined its online application process, Doner said.
With the exception of the high-volume Route 148, the police chief is OK with using a flagger throughout town, she said.
When Massachusetts became the last state in the nation to approve the use of civilian flaggers on its roads in 2008, Joshua Elgart saw an opportunity to start a business providing the very flagmen the state would need.
Of the remaining 166 communities polled, 30 said they use flaggers in conjunction with police details.
Steven Baddour, D-Methuen, said the administration has placed civilian flaggers at the top of the prevailing wage scale.
Paiewonsky said that while she is confident there will be money saved by using flaggers, safety is the main determining factor.
Patrick and enacted by the Legislature last fall, only requires the state to use flaggers on projects on which it is the awarding authority, and then only on work sites that are considered to have low traffic volume at low speeds.
The problem, he said, is that the Barre police earn $38 per hour for details, $2 an hour less than the flaggers.
For safety reasons, local police are notified in advance when and where civilian flaggers will be working at road sites, she said.
A one-lane bypass road, controlled by flaggers (day and night) will continue until the work is complete.
From the start of the alleged reform, cities and towns were given the option of adopting flaggers for municipal work.
One lane of traffic will be maintained at all times with flaggers. The project is expected to be completed by August 31.