fixing eye

fix·ing eye

the eye, in cases of strabismus, that is directed toward the object of regard.
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Patients with anisometropic amblyopia tend to have abnormal monocular visual functions in the amblyopic eye [4], abnormal interocular suppression (i.e., the inhibitory influence of the fixing eye on the amblyopic eye under binocular viewing), as reflected by an abnormal sensory eye dominance, and poor stereopsis [5].
Finally, latent nystagmus is often associated with a significant head turn towards the fixing eye, especially in cases of monocular infantile blindness, in which there is often a coexisting large angle esotropia.
Structures fixing eye ball to orbit; either nerves, vessels or connective tissue entering or exiting orbit; were gently detached by cutting with a scalpel.
Majority of the people would have been resting as they had very tough exercise of casting their votes and then fixing eyes to Tv sets to learn about the elections results till late night.
We have to prepare Niaz for distribution among the participants of Majalis at large scale as religious ritual but we face sheer disappointment when we are faced with unprecedented load shedding, said a devotee while fixing eyes wistfully on cauldron which was full of material but he could not cook Niaz due to non availability of gas .