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Designed to operate in the same spot over a long period of time, i.e., not mobile, as in, ‘fixed hospital’ or ‘fixed laboratory’
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The graph mapping can be defined as W: [V.sup.(a)] [right arrow] [V.sup.(c)], which must obey the following rules: (a) all vertices in [V.sup.(a).sub.u] are mapped to [v.sup.(c).sub.1] fixedly because they belong to unoffloadable components that can only run in the terminal; (b) A vertex in [V.sup.(a).sub.o] can be only mapped to a unique vertex in [V.sup.(c)] since duplications of components are forbidden, which may disturb the synchronization of the application's execution if the same component runs at different locations in parallel.
But after two days of "rest and therapy" in her Paris apartment she came out looking somewhat refreshed if more subdued than usual as she stared fixedly at the ground between points.
NNA - MP Hassan Fadlallah, from the Loyalty to Resistance Bloc, said, "We are stable in adhering fixedly to our stance, and had it not been for the resistance, we would have searched for Lebanon in the camps of displaced Syrians and across the small, narrow streets as well as in the vague policies here and there." Fadlallah's stance came Monday in the context of a religious ceremony for Hezbollah in Bint Jbeil in the South.
Ardis gazes fixedly ahead; she doesn't glance or talk to me.
I couldn''t walk around the block again, so I stared fixedly at my phone and scurried past her, my intentions in ribbons.
I couldn't walk around the block again, so I stared fixedly at my phone and scurried past her, my intentions in ribbons.
Because the tree had come within an inch of his head and had not in fact crushed his skull, as witnessed by Katie and Jimmy and the neighborhood en masse, the faces that stared like salivating spectators at a match, stared fixedly from attics and turrets and windows with iron bars over them and windows buttressed by red silk curtains made by hand.
Levenson makes clear in Adios Nino: The Gangs of Guatemala City and the Politics of Death, images appear of shirtless and tattooed young men who stare fixedly, threateningly, at the camera.
Had they been children they would no doubt have stared fixedly at their shoes and shuffled their feet.
He would sit motionless at the keyboard, glaring fixedly at the audience, burst out laughing for no apparent reason or mutter incomprehensibly.
Her dark hair is parted in the centre and she stares fixedly out of the picture plane.