fixed space maintainer

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fix·ed space main·tain·er

(fikst spās mān-tānĕr)
Any such dental device not removable by the patient.
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Removable space maintainer disadvantages, such as requiring cooperation and the possibility of being lost or fractured by the patient, has led to a preference for fixed space maintainers.7 Fixed appliances, on the other hand, if properly designed, are less damaging to the oral tissues and less of a annoyance to the paediatric patient thereby ensuring compliance and longevity of wear.8,9
The literature reports many different types of appliances that can be used as fixed space maintainers including Band and loop appliance, crown and loop appliance, distal shoe appliance, Transpalatal arch, Nance palatal arch appliance, Lingual arch and Fixed wire composite space maintainers.7,10 In this paper, a simple and quick technique to fabricate a space maintainer for lost primary maxillary incisors is described.
Simple wire fixed space maintainer is simple to fabricate and require single visit without needing any laboratory stage.