fixed pupil

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 (P) [pu´pil]
the opening in the center of the iris through which light enters the eye; see also Plate 17.
Adie's pupil tonic pupil.
Argyll Robertson pupil one that is miotic and responds to accommodation effort, but not to light.
fixed pupil a pupil that does not react either to light or on convergence, or in accommodation.
Hutchinson's pupil one that is dilated while the other is not.
tonic pupil a usually unilateral condition of the eye in which the affected pupil is larger than the other, responds to accommodation and convergence in a slow, delayed fashion, and reacts to light only after prolonged exposure to dark or light; see also adie's syndrome. Called also Adie's pupil.
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fixed pu·pil

a stationary pupil unresponsive to all stimuli.
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fix·ed pu·pil

(fikst pyū'pil)
A stationary pupil unresponsive to all stimuli.
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