fixed coupling

fixed cou·pling

where several premature beats are seen, the interval between each of them and the preceding normal beat is constant.
Synonym(s): constant coupling
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What offers a better seal than consistently compressing a gasket between a molded pipe OD and a fixed coupling ID?
The coupling is controlled by the length [l.sub.p] of the coupling slot with a fixed coupling slot width and a fixed post-wall iris width.
"This class of agents is of particular interest because, in principle, partial dopamine agonists could potentially provide a solution to the dilemma of fixed coupling of anti-akinetic and pro-dyskinetic effects of current dopamine replacement strategies," Dr.
b) Tankers delivering chemicals in bulk should discharge to storage via a lockable fixed coupling within the containment area and not at a point remote from the bund.
To the extent that the coupling value is not directly controllable in printed designs once the unit is manufactured, this fixed coupling can be somewhat compensated for by adjusting R1, which affects the depth of the notch as well.