fixed appliance

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any of various devices used in dentistry to provide a functional or therapeutic effect, such as a prosthesis, an obturator, or an orthodontic appliance.
fixed appliance an appliance that is attached to the teeth by cement or an adhesive material.
orthodontic appliance a device, either fixed to the teeth or removable, that applies force to the teeth and their supporting structures to produce changes in their relationship to each other and to control their growth and development. Used in orthodontic therapy to move the teeth into esthetically or physiologically better positions, such as better alignment within the dental arch or with the opposing dentition; also used in the treatment of fractures or injuries to the maxilla, to stabilize or immobilize the teeth and jaws. Called also braces.
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fix·ed ap·pli·ance

(fikst ă-plīăns)
Bonded or banded device affixed to individual teeth or groups of teeth.
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The sectional fixed appliances allowed for the decompensation of the upper labial segment by proclination which facilitated the functional appliance phase.
The Impactions treated with removable appliances were simple impactions, but took the same time as the treatment of complicated impactions with fixed appliances. The forces of removable appliances were not controlled, not continuous and also depended upon patient's cooperation but impactions were of simple type.