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Designed to operate in the same spot over a long period of time, i.e., not mobile, as in, ‘fixed hospital’ or ‘fixed laboratory’
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Fixed immediate annuity: As the simplest type, a fixed immediate annuity is appropriate in a variety of eldercare situations.
I Bonds, like TIPS, have built in protection against inflation: an interest, rate that is adjusted to the Consumer Price Index every six months, in addition to a fixed interest rate that lasts the life of the bond.
A career agency has $1 million in fixed cost, based on the services and resources provided to attract, retain and develop agents.
Qualified percentage rent is rent equal to a fixed percentage of the lessee's receipts or sales, but only if the percentage does not vary throughout the lease term.
Interest-Rate Swaps--If you think rates are more likely to rise during your borrowing period, an interest-rate swap to create a "synthetic" fixed rate for your outstanding debt is a good hedging strategy.
Across varied industries, also driving fixed content is the need for regulatory compliance.
X requires FM to invest $15 million of the headlease prepayment in highly rated debt securities that will mature in an amount sufficient to fund the fixed amount due under the fixed-payment option, and to pledge these debt securities to X.
Intermediate financial accounting textbooks include the following expenditures as fixed assets: (1) the cost of building--materials, labor and overhead incurred during construction; professional fees; and building permits and (2) the cost of purchasing--purchase price, freight and handling; insurance during transit, assembly and installation; and the cost of trial runs.
However, the IRA owner must make a key decision no later than his or her required beginning date, choosing to elect a fixed number of years for IRA distributions or to elect the life-expectancy recalculation method (the IRA owner's life expectancy expands each year).