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Drug slang
noun Regional street slang for a person’s usual dose of a drug of abuse.
verb To inject a drug of abuse.
verb To alter a tissue in such a way as to prevent deterioration or putrefaction—e.g., by soaking it in formalin or other fixative.
verb A popular term meaning to manually position a vein before performing venipuncture to draw blood or place an IV line.
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Drug slang noun Street slang for a person's usual 'dose' of a drug of abuse verb To inject a drug of abuse Phlebotomy verb A popular term for the manual positioning of a vein before performing venipuncture for drawing blood or placing an IV 'line'
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Patient discussion about fix

Q. The cobbler's shoes are never fixed A bit philosophical/ethical question: do you think it’s a appropriate to an alternative therapist to treat people with disease he or she has and can’t cure himself?

A. Even dietitian can suffer from depression and eat too much, or a gym coach that suffers from injury that prevents him or her from exercising. The knowledge and capabilities are not dependent on the specific situation of the therapist, not to mention the many explanations for such cases.

However, I do agree it may seem a bit suspicious…

Q. is there a easy fix for arthritis? i have it over my legs, knees, arms, wrist, back, shoulders, neck. i need some relief.

A. biofreeze is what i use its a pain relieving roll-on also comes in a spray and small tube and is for arthritis,sore muscles and joints, backache it works great i get it from my chirpractor.

Q. How can I fix my vocal cords? Please I am in need of desperate help.

A. rest, which means no talking,

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