five flavors

Five Flavours

Traditional Chinese medicine
A term referring to the division of the foods and herbs used in Chinese herbal medicine into five categories of flavour—sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty—which relates to their effect according to the Oriental construct of disease; each of the five flavours is further classified as being either yin or yang in nature.

five flavors,

n in the dietary component of Chinese medicine, the five basic tastes into which foods are divided, each of which has different physiologic actions. Sour has astringent effects, retaining and generating fluids; bitter flavored foods are purgative, drying the body; sweet tastes replenish and strengthen, harmonize the stomach and spleen, and are generally tonic; pungent flavors eliminate toxins and alleviate stagnation by supporting movement of qi; and salty tastes soften congestions and tissue masses. The goal of Chinese dietary medicine is to achieve balance among these five tastes. See also qi.
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In addition to a coffee and pastry bar, a fudge shop will feature homemade fudge in five flavors chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate cranberry, creme de menthe and Bavarian mint.
Before Tokyo FILMeX, the Filipino movie will also be part of the 11th Five Flavors Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland, from Nov.
I tried five flavors of yogurt: Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Plain, and Vanilla.
It will be available in five flavors, including Jalapeno Cheddar, Italian Cheese & Peppers, Spinach & Asiago, Hickory Smoked Apple and Bacon Gouda.
The new offering is available in five flavors, including A Lil' Bit Chippy, Buttery Pecan, Cookie Dough Chip, Cool Mint Chip and Key Lime Pie.
All five flavors are excellent for individuals who are limiting sugar intake or trying to avoid high fructose corn syrup and anyone who likes the flavor of fresh fruits.
Besides the five flavors of its Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips, Jelly Belly offers a wide range of other confections--including jelly beans, candy corn, chocolate confections and other chewy candies--in the smaller snacking-size package.
The Skyy Infusions line was originally launched with five flavors in April, 2008.
Knudsen also offers five flavors of light spritzers that contain "lo han" extract, a Chinese fruit that is a natural sweetener.
rolls out five flavors of Jelly Belly Smoothie Blend, creamy textured jelly beans just in time for that Easter basket.
Decaffeinated Teas in five flavors in 20-count boxes and four flavors in 8-count boxes.