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Suffering a sudden attack or convulsion, such as an epileptic seizure.


Technique and art of selecting and adjusting spectacles or contact lenses following a visual examination. See optical dispensing.


preparation of animals for special occasions of stress, e.g. parturition, exhibition at fairs and shows. Includes additional feed, exercise, grooming, handling.

Patient discussion about fitting

Q. I mean what this fitness is all about….. I know nutritious diet is important for good health but why is the need for fitness …..I mean what this fitness is all about…..

A. Fitness can help you live longer and has been proven to help the body, muscles, bones not age as much as if you were inactive...

Q. What does the concept of fitness stands for?

A. Dagmar said it well.

Q. what does fitness include?

A. The term 'fitness' refers to general fitness (a state of health and well-being) and specific fitness (the ability to perform specific aspects of sports or occupations).Physical fitness is the functioning of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and muscles to function at optimum efficiency, therefore, it is now defined as the body’s ability to function efficiently.

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Consumers find the furniture grade PVC fittings a good choice for crafts and home projects since the products do not have any unattractive bar codes or manufacturing printing visible.
To make provision of Exhaust Fan 12 inch in the bathroom along with fitting.
Learn has 7 years of experience in the areas of systems engineering; testing, production, and fitting of individual protection equipment; and CBRN survivability on ground mobile vehicle platforms.
Results from this analysis indicate that the best fitting multidimensional Model 2 with five paths predicting organizational commitment is a good fit to the data in the current study (Hu and Bentler, 1999; Tabachnik and Fidell, 2006).
So wipe off fittings before yon connect the grease gun and keep grease containers capped to seal out dirt.
EZ Sweat fittings don't guarantee that every connection you make will be perfect, but they do greatly simplify the job.
Place fitting posters/brochures in prominent places, such as the locker room area, training room, equipment room, players lockers, first page of the play book, etc.
Testing involves a combination of three methods: 1) The use of calibrated samples, 2) the use of a repeatability analysis on actual spot-welds, and 3) performance evaluation of the fitting algorithms used in the device.
Both of our simulation studies investigate the effect of unknown concurvity by fitting a slightly simplified version of Equation 5 to a large number of simulated data sets with random concurvity.
The dust problem would occur after the fitting was poured.
Pulfer quite openly pointed out, this ideology could then be further disseminated in a range of tactical discourses, from public advertisements in mass circulation print media to private conversations with women customers in the intimacy of corset fitting rooms.