fit testing

fit test·ing

(fit test'ing)
A process in which all people who are required to wear negative-pressure respirators are examined and interviewed to determine which mask best conforms to their facial features; a rigorous protocol in which the tester challenges the face-to-facepiece seal with a chemical agent.
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The AccuFIT9000[TM] is an ideal solution for the industrial, pharmaceutical, first responder, and mining respirator users who are looking for one product that can address all their fit testing needs affordably.
provides hearing tests, custom ear protection, respiratory fit testing, and other related services to a variety of industrial businesses across British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.
While we accept demand has to be properly managed, we are disappointed that the thresholds for FIT testing are lower in Wales, and are concerned that without a clear plan to optimise the programme, Wales will fall further behind its counterparts in other parts of the UK.
To examine whether the length of the interval between FIT testing and colonoscopy affected diagnosis, they analyzed clinical data for 70,124 adults aged 50-75 years who were members of two large health organizations and who completed FIT testing during a three-year period.
Under the deal, LA County will now continue to offer FIT testing for colorectal cancer screening to its residents.
From exposure assessments to respirator selection to fit testing, a written respiratory protection program has multiple requirements companies must meet.
After the service company's HSE coordinators provided individual training using Honeywell's VeriPRO Fit Testing System, this percentage was reduced to 3.6%, underlining the importance of fit: testing.
A Welsh Government spokesman said: "Earlier this year the Wales Screening Committee confirmed that Public Health Wales should continue with their planning to introduce FIT testing so as not to cause any unnecessary delays."
Specific topics include regression fundamentals, graph theory and the structural causal model, estimation and local fit testing, multi-samples analysis and measurement invariance, and interactional effects and multilevel structural equation modeling.
Data for this retrospective study were obtained from a pilot of community FIT screening using the FOBT-CHEK Sampling Bottle (Polymedco Inc, Cortland Manor, New York) FIT testing platform performed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, between April 2011 and May 2012.
The team provides information about equipment, suggests methods for achieving a proper fit, performs fit testing, orders and tracks shipments of hard-to-fit masks, and answers questions regarding masks or fitting needs.