fit test

fu·sion-·in·ferred thresh·old test

employment of the phenomenon of cerebral fusion of binaural sounds to substitute for conventional masking in hearing testing.
Synonym(s): FIT test

fit test

A test to determine how effectively a mask or respirator will protect the wearer from inhaled dusts, gases, or pathogens.

Patient care

The tester places the mask on the wearer's face, making certain that it covers the nose and mouth when the wearer is stationary, moves the head and neck, or speaks. Then the tester sprays an aromatic aerosol into the air around the wearer, who is asked if he or she can taste or smell it. A mask that fits properly prevents detection of odor or taste.

Synonym: respirator fit testing
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Before the masks were given out all affected workers had to undertake a supervised face fit test.
The gFOBT detects the presence of blood in stools, and indicator cancer may be present whereas the new FIT test measures the amount of blood, making it more accurate.
The receiver operating characteristic curve for FIT test results and colorectal carcinoma showed good predictive ability with an AUC of 0.
These exciting results show introducing the FIT test could help address that.
Goodness of fit test has been also used in this paper to identify the best fit models.
For an initial fit, the modern fit test is far more reliable than the negative pressure test or the vapor challenge test.
The primary purpose of this book is to provide a detailed exploration of the theory, methods, and applications of the chi-squared goodness of fit test first advanced by Karl Pearson over 100 years ago.
The fit test stops or the overall fit factor is below the pass level
Nine serious safety violations with $53,460 in fines involve failing to provide personal protective equipment; failing to identify and evaluate respiratory hazards; fit test and conduct medical evaluations for respirator use; and train employees in permit-required confined space procedures, including rescue member training and notification; and utilizing rescue entry equipment.
Taking a career aptitude or job fit test is a good first step when considering a career change," suggests Dr.
This hint especially is true for respirators that are not used frequently--like those in small composite repair facilities or those used for fit test.