fit test

fu·sion-·in·ferred thresh·old test

employment of the phenomenon of cerebral fusion of binaural sounds to substitute for conventional masking in hearing testing.
Synonym(s): FIT test
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fit test

A test to determine how effectively a mask or respirator will protect the wearer from inhaled dusts, gases, or pathogens.

Patient care

The tester places the mask on the wearer's face, making certain that it covers the nose and mouth when the wearer is stationary, moves the head and neck, or speaks. Then the tester sprays an aromatic aerosol into the air around the wearer, who is asked if he or she can taste or smell it. A mask that fits properly prevents detection of odor or taste.

Synonym: respirator fit testing
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Among the topics are illustrative statistics, statistical testing, multivariate analysis of variance, chi-square test of independence and goodness of fit test, and and reliability in using SPSS to analyze questionnaires.
Fit testing of tight fitting respiratory protection should be conducted with workers wearing their usual PPE; when different eye and respiratory PPE are later used the fit test results become irrelevant.
Download the program "FitPlusTM v3.4 Fit Test Software" from the following site ...
They then turn to the positively skewed exponential, gamma, Weibull, and extreme value distributions, discussing, for each: general properties, distribution characterization, estimation of parameters and related interferences, and goodness of fit test. The final chapter considers system reliability, mainly for series and parallel systems.
The fit2fit (Fit Test Providers Accreditation Scheme), launched by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) and HSE in 2009 to raise the quality of fit-testing in the UK and significantly reduce the incidence of occupational respiratory injury from poor-fitting respirators, confirms the competency of any person performing face fit testing.
Residents living near potential pollution hot spots are being urged to volunteer to enable Bromsgrove District Council officers to fit test tube monitoring equipment for nitrogen dioxide.