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Relating to a fissure.
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adjective Referring or pertaining to a fissure.
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(fish'ur) [L. fissura, cleft]
1. A groove, natural division, cleft, slit, or deep furrow in the brain, liver, spinal cord, and other organs. Synonym: fissura; sulcus
2. An ulcer or cracklike sore.
3. A break in the enamel of a tooth. fissural, adjective

anal fissure

A painful linear ulcer on the margin of the anus. It is a common problem in infancy and fairly common in constipated adults.

Patient care

Conservative, nonoperative care heals most anal fissures. Patients should be advised to drink a lot of water to lubricate stools, adopt a high-fiber diet, and take a stool softener to ease the passage of stool. Sitting in a warm bath several times a day may help relax the anal sphincters. Medicated creams or ointments may provide topical anesthesia to the anus.

Patients who do not improve with medical therapies may require local injection of botulinum toxin to relax the sphincters or surgery to repair chronic fissures.

anterior median fissure

In the spinal cord, the groove that runs along the ventral midline.

auricular fissure

A fissure of the petrous portion of the temporal bone.

branchial fissure

See: cleft

Broca's fissure

See: Broca, Pierre-Paul

Burdach's fissure

See: Burdach, Karl

calcarine fissure

The fissure extending from the occipital end of the cerebrum to the occipitoparietal fissure.

callosomarginal fissure

A conspicuous fissure in the medial surface of the cerebral hemisphere running above and concentric with the curved upper surface of the corpus callosum.

central fissure

Rolando fissure.

cerebellar fissure

A fissure that consists of five deep horizontal (transverse) grooves that separate the cerebellum into its lobes and lobules.

Clevenger fissure

See: Clevenger fissure

collateral fissure

The fissure on the inferior surface of the cerebral hemisphere separating the subcalcarine and subcollateral gyri.

glaserian fissure

A narrow slit posterior to the mandibular fossa of the temporal bone. The chorda tympani nerve passes through it.

Henle fissure

See: Henle, Friedrich J.

hippocampal fissure

The fissure extending from the posterior part of the corpus callosum to the tip of the temporal lobe of the brain.

horizontal fissure

Transverse fissure (3).

inferior orbital fissure

The fissure at the apex of the orbit through which the infraorbital blood vessels and maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve pass.

interparietal fissure

Intraparietal sulcus.

lateral fissure

Fissure of Sylvius.

longitudinal fissure

1. The fissure on the lower surface of the liver.
2. A fissure that separates the cerebral hemispheres. The corpus callosum, which connects the hemispheres, is at the base of the fissure.

oblique fissure of lung

In each lung, the deep groove separating the bottom and side of the upper lobe from the top and side of the lower lobe.

occipitoparietal fissure

The fissure between the occipital and parietal lobes of the brain.

palpebral fissure

The opening separating the upper and lower eyelids.

portal fissure

The opening into the undersurface of the liver. It continues into the liver as the portal canal.

presylvian fissure

The anterior division of the sylvian fissure.

Rolando fissure

See: Rolando, Luigi

sphenoidal fissure

, sphenoid fissure
The fissure separating the wings and body of the sphenoid bone.

sylvian fissure

See: Sylvius, Franciscus

fissure of Sylvius

See: Sylvius, Franciscus

transverse fissure

1. The fissure between the cerebellum and cerebrum.
2. The fissure on the lower surface of the liver that serves as the hilum transmitting vessels and ducts to the liver.
3. The fissure that divides the upper right lobe of the lung from the middle right lobe.
Synonym: horizontal fissure

umbilical fissure

The anterior portion of the longitudinal fissure of the liver. It contains the round ligament, the obliterated umbilical vein.
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[8] CT confirms relatively symmetrical abnormalities and differentiates parenchymal septal and subpleural (Peripheral, Mediastinal, Fissural) nodular calcifications more distinctly and demostrates each lobe to be surrounded by a fine dense outline like a 'stony lung.' Yesner suggested that there are two types of alveolar microlithiasis.
Em termos hidrogeologicos, o aquifero do tipo fissural foi classificado como de Alta vulnerabilidade, pois apresenta reservatorios aleatorios, descontinuos, de pequena extensao e vazao, muitas vezes salinizados devidos as condicoes geologicas dominantes, sendo pouco utilizados como fonte alternativa predominante para abastecimento humano.
A articulacao destas informacoes permite analisar que as unidades de planejamento/balanco hidrico 401, 402, 403 e 404, descritas no quadro 1 e tabela 1, apresentam limitacoes naturais relativas ao tipo de aquifero, pois ha predominancia do fissural; precipitacao, que sao as mais baixas de toda a bacia; tipo de solo, o qual predomina o Neossolo Litolico, com todas as fragilidades expostas anteriormente, bem como um uso intensivo do solo (Tabela 2).
Em termos hidrogeologicos podem-se diferenciar dois sistemas aquiferos, o Sistema Aquifero Fissural e o Sistema Aquifero Poroso.
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This case also has the unusual radiological presentation of a mass like appearance with fissural transgression, mediastinal adenopathy and pleural effusion.
(1, 5) They are exclusively seen in odontogenic cysts and not seen in non-odontogenic cysts such as nasopalatine duct cyst and fissural cysts.