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A toxic principle in some fish.
Synonym(s): fish poison (1)
[ichthyo- + G. toxikon, poison]
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It stressed that puffer fish poison cannot be eliminated by cooking or freezing it.
The lakes were drawn down and then treated with rotenone, a non-selective piscicide (fish poison).
The major uses of poisonous plants recorded from area were fish poison, antilice, anthelmintic, abortifacient, antiseptic, purgative and larvicides.
Co-management measures adopted include a ban on gillnets, bed nets, dynamite fishing, and the use of fish poison (tephrosia).
He's not been idle in that decade and has devised an intricate plan to get revenge, involving puffer fish poison and the slicing off of eyeballs, not to mention deliberately getting put in prison.
It is cultivated on the Ivory Coast as a fish poison. In Tanzania the pounded root is taken twice daily as a therapeutic agent by pregnant Sukuma women who are infected with syphilis (Burkill 1995).
The puffer fish poison, tetrodotoxin, has turned up in a variety of other creatures that spend at least part of their lives in water.
Ambleside and District Angling Association, the club controlling the fishery, is now co-operating with Environment Agency officials who are to destroy the fish, with a new fish poison never used before in the UK.
-- A novel pain drug from puffer fish poison showed an analgesic effect that lasted up to 2 weeks following intramuscular injection in patients with refractory cancer pain, Dr.
Equipment for hunting and fishing includes dugout canoes from the tree Triplochiton scleroxylon, fish traps from rattan and rapphia palms, fish poison from the fruit of Lagenaria breviflorus, and poisoned arrow tips from Stychnos icaja.
A FORMER paratrooper who died mysteriously may have been killed by puffer fish poison, an inquest was told.