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1. Coming before all others in order or location.
2. Occurring or acting before all others in time; earliest.
3. Being the innermost digit, especially on a foot.

first n.
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Q. what are the first symptoms of ADHD?

A. Mainly problems keeping concentration on one thing, hyperactivity and acting in impulsive way. These patterns of behavior may not cause significant problem until the child starts school and have to face academic challenges requiring concentration and focused work.

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Q. Who was the first person to be diagnosed with ADHD? Here is a question which I find very difficult to get an answer. Who was the first person to be diagnosed with ADHD? Take it easy to answer me my new friend. Thanks in advance.

Q. My wife is pregnant and she is now in the first trimester. Her queasiness is disturbing her a lot. My wife is pregnant and she is now in the first trimester. Her queasiness is disturbing her a lot. She calls it as morning sickness. Almost all the day she feels nauseated whether she vomits or not. But every day she will throw once to have some relief for some time. I worry that this sickness can harm the baby. She does not want to meet the doctor as she says it’s normal with everyone who is pregnant. But I am worried can anyone give some advice?

A. my advice to you is the nausea and vomiting is a common thing that happens in first trimester. but be careful if the nausea and vomiting become more often and worse, by that time you must go to a doctor to find some help and therapy. it is called hyperemesis gravidarum.

so, make sure that what happened to your wife is in normal range, and good luck with her pregnancy! stay healthy always..

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SIA launched the luxurious leather-upholstered seat-beds in September last year for its first-class cabins as part of a 500 million Singapore dollar (291 million dollar) refurbishment of all classes in its Megatop 747 fleet.
In Australia, 22 per cent of companies will not allow their employees to use business class (75 per cent do not allow first-class travel).
The reason for all these policies is simple: first-class and business-class tickets make up a huge chunk of airline profits.
When it wants to raise the price of a given service - say a first-class stamp, which jumped from 29 cents to 32 cents in 1995 - the Postal Service must justify the increase by showing that increased costs for that service necessitate the boost.
The process, according to Vice President Slaney, goes like this: Continental meters its first-class mail at 24.8 cents each, sends the mail to the sorting vendor, which sorts the mail and then delivers it to the Post Office.
The Medical Department staff said that first-class offered more space per passenger, larger and more comfortable seats, greater peace and quiet, and better toilet facilities....
Gail Cunard, a retired CEO from Savannah, Georgia, says first class today is "appalling." On her latest flight to California, her first-class ticket didn't even get her into the first-class lounge.
MPs are allowed to claim for first-class train travel on expenses when undertaking parliamentary business where the cost of the ticket is cheaper than the standard-class 'open' fare.
The only other Merseyside MP to appear on the list was Bill Esterson, MP for Sefton Central, who claimed three first-class train tickets during the December-January round.
Emirates on monday said it will introduce a new first-class cabin on its Airbus superjumbos and Boeing 777 aircraft this year.
The confirmation of a two-class A380 comes despite demand for first-class seats on their superjumbos outshining their two other cabins in 2013, according to reported comments made by Chief Commercial Officer Thierry Antinori earlier this year.
A NEW quiet coach is being introduced on the first-class carriages of the East Coast Mainline.