first rib I

first rib [I]

atypical rib having a single facet on its head, for articulation with the T1 vertebra, and the broadest, shortest and most sharply curved shaft; it also bears two transverse grooves on its superior surface for the subclavian vessels, separated by the scalene tubercle and ridge.
Synonym(s): costa prima [I] [TA]
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identified that in 6% of patients, incomplete first rib resection was responsible for the symptomatic recurrence and that incomplete excision of the first rib is an occasional cause of thoracic outlet syndrome recurrence.
Fracture of the first rib is seen associated with fracture of the clavicle and the scapula, however, an isolated fracture of the first rib is uncommon disorder.
Moreover, eccentric contraction of the muscles attaching to the first rib is also considered to be one of the etiology of first rib stress fracture (Coris and Higgins, 2005; Matsumoto et al., 2003; Prisk and Hamilton, 2008).
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