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1. One fourth of a mile; two furlongs.
2. Either side of a horse's hoof.
3. often Quarter A specific district or section, as of a city: the French Quarter.
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Q. What would you do if a friend showed up to your house and pulled out a quarter pound of cocaine? True story: What would you do if a friend showed up to your house and pulled out a quarter pound of cocaine, and a bunch of other narcotics all bagged up individually, and then asked if you wanted the first go at them?

A. First of all, I'd probably go ‘Hey, what do you think you are DOING with all that! And why the hell are you at my house with this load of rubbish?? But then I'd probably calm down a bit, and we'd go round to the police station, just round the corner from my place and hand it in. I have a lot more conscience now than I used to and there is no way I am going to encourage a situation like this!

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Combined international sales increased 16 percent to $241 million in the first quarter of 2007 versus $208 million for the same quarter in the prior year, reflecting both the continued conversion to Neulasta and changes in foreign exchange which positively impacted first quarter 2007 combined international sales by approximately $16 million.
Operating expenses for the first quarter of 2007 increased 49.3 percent to $13.5 million from $9.1 million in the first quarter of 2006.
Class A rents in Suffolk rose to $25.95, from $25.74 at yearend and $25.08 in the first quarter a year earlier.
In skilled nursing, however, the median occupancy rate declined from 88 percent during the fourth quarter to 87 percent during the first quarter of 2005.
GCI expects second-quarter revenue and EBITDA to exceed those achieved in the first quarter and still anticipates revenues of $430 million to $440 million and EBITDA of $145 million for 2005, including the expected recovery of the remaining MCI receivable.
(JEGI) reported the same number of deals in both first quarters of 2004 and 2005, eight.
"Earnings in the first quarter of fiscal year 2005 have increased significantly as compared to the prior year quarter.
1 position in the United States, and in the first quarter of this year it maintained its lead over Compaq by 0.4 percent.
Housing starts in the first quarter were up 13% over the first quarter of 1998.
After posting a sizable increase in 1996, real personal consumption expenditures jumped 5 1/2 percent at an annual rate in the first quarter of 1997.
(For estimates by State, see "State Personal Income, Summary Estimates for First Quarter 1991" beginning on page 97.) Swings in farm income, reflecting Federal farm subsidy payments, dominated the changes in personal income in the States that had large changes.
Residential sales were up about 30 per cent in the first quarter over the same period in 1989.