first intention

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first intention

See intention.

first in·ten·tion

(fĭrst in-ten'shŭn)
Healing by fibrous adhesion, without suppuration or granulation tissue formation.
See also: second intention, third intention


(in-ten'chon) [L. intentio, purpose, aim]
1. A natural process of healing.
2. A goal or purpose.

first intention

See: healing by first intention

second intention

See: healing by second intention

third intention

See: healing by third intention
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In 18 patients managed with the combination of "Osteon" and "Colla Guide" resorbable membrane the first intention wound healing was observed.
It keeps the tacky business firmly within the control of Kirklees -at the conclusion of which the Examiner will be no better informed than it was when the first intention to keep scandal under wraps was clearly evident.
The first discussions show that a majority of member states seem to approve of the proposals, which are reduced compared to the European Commission's first intention (see Europolitics 3439); the UK succeeded in having its general licence' model retained.
He has already stressed, however, his first intention is to allow the team to re-discover their identity.
Her first intention for happiness was always to those around her: her daughter, her parents, her friends, her students.
Sam Allardyce was named Newcastle United manager yesterday and revealed his first intention was to resolve Michael Owen's situation.
This is called "breaking on the QB's first intention.
Our first intention since the hurricane has been to rebuild Waveland as a community; for now, life as we once knew it no longer exists," he says.
My first intention was to divulge unto you the tales of a Dullard.
What I remember of the goal was Craig (Bellamy) played me in, and my first intention was to just hit as hard as I could,'' he added.
Hitler said his first intention was to destroy communism, and, by the way, his second intention was to destroy Jews.

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