Murder in the First Degree

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Drug slang A regionally popular term for heroin and cocaine

Law Enforcement Homicide perpetrated by means of poison, lying in wait, or other kind of wilful, deliberate, and premeditated act, or that which is committed while perpetrating a forcible felony—e.g., arson, rape, robbery, or burglary
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Members of the jury, the defendant has been found guilty of First Degree Murder in a previous proceeding.
She was initially accused of assault and battery causing injury but a grand jury upgraded the charge to first degree murder on Friday.
Police later arrested 25-year-old Pedro Cortez at his Denver, Colorado home on investigation of two counts of first degree murder, police spokes-man Sonny Jackson said.
Peterson was convicted of the first degree murder of Laci, and the second degree murder of unborn Connor.
The Yellowknife man, in whose apartment she had been found was charged with first degree murder.
Lionel was arrested and charged as an adult with first degree murder. His defense team argued that the youngster had killed the tiny girl while ignorantly mimicking pro wrestling moves he had seen on television, but this defense didn't win over the jury.
He was charged again on January 24 of this year on charges of first degree murder and armed criminal conduct.
If found guilty of first degree murder she faces execution.
In May, Kummerfield and Ternowetsky were arrested and charged with first degree murder. On December 20, 1996, after a six-week trial, the jury acquitted them of first degree murder and convicted them instead of the lesser offence of manslaughter.
Johnson, 20, both of Lake Villa Township, each face seven counts of first degree murder stemming from the fatal July 21 beating of Jerry Griffith in an alley.
On Tuesday, the office of Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt issued a criminal complaint charging Scott Robert Bollig with first degree murder, attempted first degree murder, aggravated battery and distributing adulterated food, causing the death of an unborn child at 8-10 weeks estimated gestation.
Anthony was charged with first degree murder for the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.
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