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William H., English surgeon, 1855-1936. See: Battle sign.
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08 ( ANI ): In another incident of a school shooting in the United States, two students were involved in a firefight at a high school in Birmingham, Alabama, on Wednesday, the city school district told the CNN.
Air assets were deployed to the area to provide air support to the engaged troops during an hour of firefight which began at about 8:45 a.
Pastrana said combined elements from the Army and police pursued and engaged the gang members, who had been reported terrorizing the remote villages, in a firefight at 12:10 p.
The firefight between the Amanodin and Dipatuan clans broke out at around 4:30 p.
The firefight which erupted early morning Thursday in the upland barangay Sanguit in Dupax del Sur town made rescue efforts difficult because of the distance and accessibility of the area as continuous rains poured in the entire province.
Own troops suffered no casualties during the firefight," it said.
Caption: Captain Nichola Goddard was killed in a firefight in the Panjwaii District on May 17, 2006.
The Amirul Momineen is safe and was not in the area where the alleged firefight took place, Mujahid told The Express Tribune.
Twelve days later, on June 26, the Navy said the two ships had engaged in the firefight with the pirates.
The soldiers were returning to their post after a firefight with a group of militants in Alasay district of Kapisa province late on Monday.
A Central Security Forces (CSF) captain and a militant were killed in a firefight in Ard Al-Game'yat district in Ismailia on Tuesday early morning, according to Ministry of Interior spokesman Hany Abdel Latif.
The firefight lasted for half an hour during which Mullah Nasir was killed and four more militants sustained injuries," Mukhlis Afghan told Xinhua.