finger stick

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finger stick



The drawing of blood from the fingertip, usually with a thin blade and a micropipette, for diagnostic testing.

finger stick

the act of puncturing the tip of the finger to obtain a small sample of capillary blood. In some procedures the hand may be first immersed in warm water for 10 minutes to "arterialize" the capillary blood or give it characteristics similar to those of arterial blood.

Finger stick

A technique for collecting a very small amount of blood from the fingertip area.
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Oncimmune USA LLC revealed on Thursday the availability of a validated finger stick blood collection, the EarlyCDT-Lung test.
In addition, the new Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM system does not require confirmatory finger sticks when making treatment decisions.
is a Bentonville, AR-based national laboratory service that offers for professional use a finger stick blood collection kit for painless, confidential, affordable and reliable blood tests.
Strauss added that some patients may find the oral blood sampling in a dentist's office to be less invasive than finger stick sampling.
Our continuous glucose monitoring technology is designed to replace finger stick blood tests, not be adjunctive," said Mark A.
Nosocomial transmission of hepatitis B virus associated with a spring-loaded finger stick device--California.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 28, 2017-Abbott wins US FDA approval for FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System in the US, eliminating routine finger sticks for Americans with diabetes
29 May 2013 - US cardiometabolic diagnostics company Tethys Bioscience said on Tuesday it had expanded the access to its prediabetes multi-biomarker blood test PreDx with the addition of testing using capillary blood collected via a finger stick procedure.
Through a finger stick blood test, participants are given their total cholesterol level.
The pad is part of a disposable "autosensor" that is changed and recalibrated with a finger stick every 12 hours.