finger stick

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finger stick



The drawing of blood from the fingertip, usually with a thin blade and a micropipette, for diagnostic testing.
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Finger stick

A technique for collecting a very small amount of blood from the fingertip area.
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For those that are diagnosed, the disease directly impacts many of the decisions they make, and daily activities are often interrupted by finger sticks, insulin injections, dietary changes, fatigue, the threat of hypoglycemia and other disease concerns.
This system provides near real-time glucose levels without the need of a finger stick, but measures interstitial fluid and not serum glucose level.
is a Bentonville, AR-based national laboratory service that offers for professional use a finger stick blood collection kit for painless, confidential, affordable and reliable blood tests.
He was transitioned from IV to SC insulin on post-operative day-five (insulin glargine at bedtime and insulin aspart with meals), targeting a finger stick blood glucose level between 140 to 180 mg/dL.
Exclusions included adults with poor cognition and those without the manual dexterity to cope with a finger stick procedure.
Dr Vincent Teng, a nanoelectronics expert from Swansea University's College of Engineering, said the device would benefit diabetes sufferers as it would be non-invasive and pain free - unlike current methods such as the "finger stick" glucose meter that requires patients to do up to 10 tests a day.
It is a better measure of glucose control than a finger stick test that measures glucose at one specific time.
The test, called the LeadCare II Blood Lead Test System, is used to screen for harmful levels of lead using a finger stick or venous whole blood sample.
1 BLOOD SUGAR--A quick finger stick can provide early indication of diabetes.
A test that takes only 20 minutes to detect HIV antibodies in saliva or blood from a finger stick has received U.S.