finger rest

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fin·ger rest

(fing'gĕr rest)
The place on a structure (e.g., tooth) where the finger of the hand holding the instrument (i.e., fulcrum finger) is placed to provide stabilization and control during use of the instrument.
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Sadly for Mick, on her finger rests a huge diamond ring given by her fiance.
One finger rests on top of the arrow nock and the other two rest below, with the string on the tips of the fingers - no farther back than the fingertip mound.
In the big picture, this boils down to full-capture, drop-away and finger rests.
As your fingers encircle the riser when taking your grip, the index and second finger slide through rings while the third finger rests on a groove.
The warm pink handle with a water droplet white design has multiple finger rests for precision and control.