finger position

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fin·ger po·si·tion

(finggĕr pŏ-zishŭn)
Indication of where to place individual fingers on dental tools or structures.
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Although the main purpose of this paper is to establish a stroke-analysis system based on CFD simulations, more realistic hand shape and finger position ought to be employed in order to simulate flow fields more practically.
He holds this finger position and then gently and sensually moves his fingers a tiny bit up and down repetitively.
The vein pattern is quickly and accurately extracted from the captured finger vein image without a fixed finger position, as the position of a placed finger is automatically and simultaneously corrected.
The animated activities illustrate the correct finger position quickly and then move to practice.
The columns regarding scantily clad women, overly "descriptive" language or punctuation, or a model's finger position in the photos fall into the category of just "much ado about nothing
George had figured out that a device could be made to sense finger position by a capacitive touch pad, whereby scanning signals are applied to the pad and variations in capacitance caused by a finger touching or approaching the pad are detected.
which won for its My First Fiskars total-control blunt-tip scissors, which feature safety-edge blades and an extra loop on the handle to teach proper finger position.