finger position

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fin·ger po·si·tion

(finggĕr pŏ-zishŭn)
Indication of where to place individual fingers on dental tools or structures.
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The contoured, adjustable, one-piece trigger and ergonomic hand and finger position provides instinctive placement and enables faster arrow speeds.
Ergonomically, compared to the original [eth]7, the [eth]7II model has a larger shutter button that has been moved closer to the front of the camera for optimal finger position.
finger position between ,double-action and single-action shots is unnecesgary, a theory promulgated by people who didn't spend much time with double,action auto pistols.
This ghosting effect can result in ambiguous finger position coordinates when more than one finger is placed on the screen.
It also gives time to help adjust the young shooter's finger position on the string without the normal frustration that can turn someone away from archery before they get started.
It looks just like a real electric guitar, but features color-coded finger position buttons on the frets and abbreviated strings, perfect for small hands.
The system also includes a number of unique design features including: a proprietary platen-less design that integrates the image capture surface right into the rugged Lexan case; optional extended operating temperature range that enables the system to be used in virtually any weather; and an ultrasonic finger position sensor that automatically detects a finger placed on the image capture surface and guides it into the best reading position.