finger phenomenon

fin·ger phe·nom·e·non

a sign of organic hemiplegia; with the patient's elbow resting on a table, the patient's wrist is grasped by the examiner's hand, the thumb of which is used to exert pressure on the radial side of the patient's pisiform bone; if the hemiplegia is organic, some or all of the patient's fingers become extended and spread out in a fanlike form.
Synonym(s): Gordon sign

finger phenomenon

a diagnostic test for organic hemiplegia. With the patient's elbow on the table, the examiner grasps the patient's wrist and uses the thumb to put pressure on the radial side of the patient's pisiform bone. If the hemiplegia is organic, the patient's fingers spread fanwise.


Alfred, U.S. neurologist, 1874-1953.
Gordon reflex - dorsal flexion of the great toe produced by firm lateral pressure on the calf muscles. Synonym(s): paradoxical flexor reflex
Gordon sign - a sign of organic hemiplegia. Synonym(s): finger phenomenon
Gordon symptom - the occurrence of an appreciable interval after the production of a reflex before relaxation. Synonym(s): tonic reflex