fine-needle biopsy

fine-nee·dle bi·op·sy

the aspiration and removal of tissue or suspensions of cells through a small needle.
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Fine-needle biopsy and core-needle biopsy are safe methods of establishing a diagnosis of rhabdomyosarcoma without delay.
7-16) Fine-needle biopsy is widely practiced in Africa as evidenced by the many publications on the topic, only a few of which are cited.
But for women anguished by the fear they may have a cancer, the most important aspect of these specialised breast clinics is that you get to have an examination, an investigation such as a mammogram and ultrasound, and a painless fine-needle biopsy done by a specialist, all completed in the one visit.
Fine-needle biopsy of cervical lymph nodes in patients with thyroid cancer: a prospective comparison of cytopathologic and tissue marker analysis.
This situation contrasts with that for papillary thyroid cancers, which generally are straightforward to diagnose by fine-needle biopsy.
Fine-needle biopsy, a reliable diagnostic tool when done by an experienced clinician, can determine if a thyroid nodule is malignant or benign.
The diagnosis of EMH was confirmed by fine-needle biopsy of the paraspinal masses.
But after a mammogram and a fine-needle biopsy it became clear that she was facing a battle against an aggressive form of the disease.
Cancer charities have backed Elaine's call for a compulsory triple assessment test for breast cancer, including a clinical examination, mammogram and fine-needle biopsy.
Medical guidelines recommend that patients are clinically examined as well as undergoing a mammogram and fine-needle biopsy to confirm a diagnosis of breast cancer.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- ThermoTrex Corporation (AMEX: TKN) has entered into a letter of intent to acquire Lorad Corporation, a leading manufacturer of low-dose X-ray mammography systems and minimally invasive fine-needle biopsy systems.