fine needle biopsy

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fine nee·dle bi·op·sy

(fīn nē'dĕl bī'op-sē)
Removal of tissue or suspensions of cells through a small needle.


removal and examination, usually microscopic, of tissue from the living body. Biopsies are usually done to determine whether a tumor is malignant or benign; however, a biopsy may be a useful diagnostic aid in other disease processes such as infections.

aspiration biopsy
biopsy in which tissue is obtained by application of suction through a needle attached to a syringe.
bite biopsy
instrumental removal of a fragment of tissue.
bone marrow biopsy
obtaining a sample of bone marrow, usually by needle aspiration, from a long bone, rib or sternum, for cytological examination.
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Needle aspiration of bone marrow. By permission from Ettinger SJ, Feldman E, Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Saunders, 2004
brush biopsy
removal of cells and tissue fragments using a brush with stiff bristles (introduced through an endoscope). Effective in obtaining tissue samples from inaccessible places such as the renal pelvis.
closed biopsy
one carried out without access through an open incision such as a laparotomy. An example is a percutaneous, fine needle aspirate.
cone biopsy
biopsy in which an inverted cone of tissue is excised, as from the uterine cervix.
cytological biopsy
obtaining specimens of cells by various methods including irrigation of a hollow tube.
biopsy dart
an alternative to immobilization of large and wild animals; a dart which cuts a skin bipsy, then falls out. Limited to use for superficial lesions.
endoscopic biopsy
removal of tissue by appropriate instruments through an endoscope.
excisional biopsy
biopsy of tissue removed from the body by surgical cutting.
exploratory biopsy
a combination of exploratory surgery to determine size and location of a lesion and the taking of a biopsy.
fine needle biopsy
see needle biopsy (below).
hepatic biopsy
may be by transperitoneal incision, more commonly by percutaneous needle or trocar and cannula technique.
incisional biopsy
biopsy of a selected portion of a lesion.
needle biopsy
biopsy in which tissue is obtained by puncture of a tumor, the tissue within the lumen of the needle being detached by rotation, and the needle withdrawn.
punch biopsy
see punch biopsy.
Robson-Heggers biopsy
a procedure for the collection of a piece of tissue from an infected wound in order to determine the extent and the nature of the infection.
sternal biopsy
biopsy of bone marrow of the sternum removed by puncture or trephining (see also sternal puncture).
surface biopsy
sample of cells scraped from the surface of a lesion or obtained by impression smears.
surgical biopsy
one obtained during a surgical procedure.
synovial biopsy
by a needle biopsy technique or through an arthrotomy incision using special forceps for a bite biopsy.
total biopsy
obtained by removal of the entire lesion. May be for therapeutic as well as diagnostic purposes.
ultrasound-guided biopsy
use of ultrasonography to guide the passage of a needle or biopsy instrument into an internal organ or lesion.
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