fine needle biopsy

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fine nee·dle bi·op·sy

(fīn nē'dĕl bī'op-sē)
Removal of tissue or suspensions of cells through a small needle.
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EUS-FNB of these two lesions was performed (Figure 2) with a 25-gauge needle using a novel fine needle biopsy system (Beacon SharkCore, Medtronic Corp., Boston, USA).
If the CT or MRI has findings indicative for increased risk of malignancy, as indicated above, endoscopic ultrasound with fine needle biopsy is recommended [4].
Tuberculosis of the adrenal glands: Diagnosis by CT-guided fine needle biopsy. J Belge Radiol 1993;76:324-5.
The appropriate treatment will be decided on the results of a mammogram and possibly a fine needle biopsy of the lump.