fine motor coordination

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fine mo·tor co·or·di·na·tion

(FMC) (fīn mō'tŏr kō-ōr'di-nā'shŭn)
Ability to perform delicate manipulations with the hand requiring steadiness, muscle control, and simultaneous discrete finger movements.
Synonym(s): dexterity, fine coordination, fine motor control.
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Table 2 demonstrates the within-group and between-group differences of motor function-related outcomes for the two groups, including fine motor control, fine motor function, handgrip strength, arm strength and endurance, shoulder mobility, leg strength, and dynamic balance as measured by Spiral Drawing Test, Moberg Pickup Test, Handgrip Strength Test, Arm Curl-Up Test, Back Scratch Test, Chair Stand Test, and Timed Up and Go Test, respectively.
This may be gross motor control or fine motor control. Gross motor control relates to whole body or limb movements.
Far too often we hear parents say their dog will "tolerate" the children crawling over him, hugging him or petting him, even when toddler's hands, still lacking fine motor control, accidently pull hair or skin.
Language disorders, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, or disorder of executive function are typically present as relatively isolated impairments, or as part of a constellation of deficits of attention, executive function, language, and fine motor control. Learning disabilities are often recognized as deficiencies of academic performance, but have manifestations across the life span.
In achieving positive outcomes for children in writing, early years teachers need to give due consideration to the interaction between the complexity and relevance of the writing task and the child's level of foundation writing skills and fine motor control. If the writing task is too cognitively demanding or too far removed from the child's immediate world, important aspects of writing development will have to take a back seat as the beginning writer grapples with the whole text requirements.
Andrews integrates some Alexander Technique with sections about circulatory aspects, equilibrium, voluntary and involuntary nerve pathways, fine motor control, reflexes and breathing.
Blood restrictions will limit your body's fine motor control and will also reduce the communication that lets your brain know that your body parts are moving or even that they have come in contact with an object, such as a trigger.
In stressful situations, fine motor control is impaired, contributing to the possibility of accidental discharges with traditional single-action triggers found on many autos and revolvers.
Somnolence, slurred speech, amnestic dysphasia, and impaired fine motor control, but no meningism, focal signs, pyramidal tract, or sensation impairment, were observed.
"Military applications will be enormous if the technology can be developed as a glove, much like a bicycling glove, that won't impede fine motor control," he said.
`It's devastating when you first get it,' he said, `and most doctors will tell you not to worry - unless you happen to be a horn player or somebody who needs that fine motor control.'
They could step consistently and had better fine motor control and coordination.