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A clinically significant observation, usually used in relation to one found on physical examination or laboratory test.
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A meaningful interpretation of data or observations resulting from planned evaluations.

A clinical feature or datum of interest.

See Word finding.
See Case finding.
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Medtalk A clinical feature or datum of interest. See Incidental finding.
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A clinically significant observation, usually used in relation to one found on physical examination or laboratory test.
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A clinically significant observation, usually used in relation to one found on physical examination or laboratory test.
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Q. What is most important to know when finding out you have diabetes? My 17 year old son has been feeling bad for 2 days now and today he fainted twice. My wife is with him in the hospital and they say he might have diabetes. I want to prepare. What do you guys think I need to know? any tips?

A. cbelh47 is obviously sold out to the present medical system
beware of his answers find a naturopathic physician to find some
reassurance the leaves of the trees for the healing of the nations,,,]
without Jesus you'll be heading to hell anyways so look to Him!

Q. I am interested in finding info on Peripheral neuropathy and its symptoms. I wonder if I have it. I have restless leg syndrome discovered via a sleep clinic. A small tingling area developed in my back about 8 years ago. Nothing was disclosed to me about it and it progressed further up the back. I now wake up some nights with what I describe as left shoulder knot that makes left arm tingle and feel numb. Sometimes also goes down through to the left leg. It makes me feel jumpy and have trouble getting back to sleep. I rub Benyln on shoulder and take Tylenol. I eventually fall back to sleep. I do not have a family Dr. as she closed her practice and I must now visit walkin clinics. A stress test was recently done as I was having chest pain. Dr. thinks it's due to my Acid Reflux. HELP!

A. numbness and tingling can be symptoms of 25 possible cases. how i know? i just typed those symptoms in this symptom checker, and this is what i got:

about neuropathy- as i recall (and i could be wrong here), in most cases it's a symptom that something cause. your nervous system usually don't just shut off with no reason.

Q. I'm 55 years old .I did holter-heart test, and the finding:once in 24hours-svt-13 beatings in freq.till 152/mi this svt in my auricle. I have got this info.just two days ago, so I still not met a doctor. What I suppose to expect? and what you suggest to do?

A. It means that some pathologic electrical circuit in your atria is producing a rapid heart rate. Depends on the specific type (supraventricular tachycardia encompasses several different conditions), it may be treated with drugs or other therapies.

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