external audit

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ex·ter·nal au·dit

(eks-tĕr'năl aw'dit)
A verification of health care records by someone outside the organization to be sure that the health care facility is maintaining professional standards.
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Financial audit of "INL" resources and "INL - DEVIDA" funds administered by "special project CORAH "; and review of the CORAH project operations during the year 2014.
Our Financial Audit and Value for Money work helps save the country millions of pounds a year (more than PS1bn in 2011/12) and serves to bring about improvements in the delivery of public services.
It's hoped that the reader will glean an appreciation of the need and timing for the expenditure of substantial resources now being invested by the DoD to make financial process improvement and achieve financial audit readiness.
The KPMG team consisted of experienced financial audit partners and managers with extensive government financial auditing experience.
In response to the president's direction to obtain a clean audit opinion and thereby "get to green" on the performance scorecard, the secretary of defense immediately established the Financial Management Modernization Program (FMMP) and directed the under secretary of defense (comptroller) and the assistant secretary of defense (network information infrastructure) to work together to get a clean financial audit opinion as quickly as possible.
There is no general federal tax law that requires an association (or any other tax-exempt organization, such as an association-related foundation) to obtain an annual financial audit report.
Boomi's fully cloud based platform assures seamless integration into third-party applications on our network, enabling AverQ customers to leverage the power of AverQ's Financial Audit Management solution to its fullest capabilities.
However, others said that it was not the council's duty to eliminate articles that are mentioned in both the laws, which is being currently implemented by the Civil Service Bureau, and that of the Financial Audit Bureau.
As such, it's a good time to answer three important questions: Why is a financial audit important?
596 (c)(2 ), we were required to conduct a financial review of a midyear statement and a financial audit of a year-end statement.
Our system financial audit for last fiscal year was delivered to the state controller and will be included in the state's financial statements,'' Macht said.
Mindpix has completed 2004, 2005 Financial Audits and is completing the 2006 Financial Audit and a Current Year-to-date 2007 Review

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