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1. an animal or plant that harbors and provides sustenance for another organism (the parasite).
2. the recipient of an organ or other tissue derived from another organism (the donor).
accidental host one that accidentally harbors an organism that is not ordinarily parasitic in the particular species.
definitive host (final host) a host in which a parasite attains sexual maturity.
intermediate host a host in which a parasite passes one or more of its asexual stages; usually designated first and second, if there is more than one.
paratenic host a potential or substitute intermediate host that serves until the appropriate definitive host is reached, and in which no development of the parasite occurs; it may or may not be necessary to the completion of the parasite's life cycle.
host of predilection the host preferred by a parasite.
primary host definitive host.
reservoir host an animal (or species) that is infected by a parasite, and which serves as a source of infection for humans or another species.
secondary host intermediate host.
transfer host one that is used until the appropriate definitive host is reached, but is not necessary to completion of the life cycle of the parasite.
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de·fin·i·tive host

one in which a parasite reaches the adult or sexually mature stage.
Synonym(s): final host
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(host) [L. hospes, stranger, guest, host]
1. The organism from which a parasite obtains its nourishment.
2. In embryology, the larger and more relatively normal of conjoined twins.
3. In transplantation of tissue, the one who receives the graft.

accidental host

A host other than the usual or normal one.

alternate host

Intermediate host (1).

compromised host

A person who lacks resistance to infection due to to a deficiency in any of the host defenses.
See: AIDS; host defense mechanisms; immunocompromised

dead-end host

An infected organism that does not have the ability to transmit infection to the definitive host.
Synonym: incidental host

definitive host

1. The final host or the host in which the parasite reaches sexual maturity. Synonym: final host
2. The vertebrate, when the intermediate host is an invertebrate.

final host

Definitive host (1).

immunocompromised host

See: immunocompromised

incidental host

Dead-end host.

intermediate host

1. The host in which a parasite passes through its larval or asexual stages of development. Synonym: alternate host
2. The invertebrate host, when the final host is a vertebrate.

paratenic host

A parasitized organism in which the parasite thrives but does not undergo development.

host of predilection

The host preferred by a parasite.

reservoir host

A host other than the usual or normal one, in which a parasite is capable of living. The reservoir host is a source of infestation.

transfer host

An interim host that is not essential for the completion of the life cycle of the parasite.
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