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Heterotrophic flagellates, centrohelid heliozoa and filose amoebae from marine and freshwater sites in the Antarctic.
"Diese Unternehmen kennen die Risiken und Erfolge des Agribusinesses und sie kennen die Shrimp-Industrie bis in ihr Innerstes," sagte John Filose, der fruhere Vizeprasident der Bereiche Sales und Marketing.
In addition to the sarcomonads, the new phylum Cercozoa includes many filose amoebae, chlorarachnean algae, the reticulose Gymnophrys, Plasmodiophora, and a variety of zooflagellates (e.g., Bodomorpha, Allas) not previously classified.
"Je n'ai jamais vu une telle tempete," declara John Filose, le vice-president des ventes et du marketing de Ocean Garden Products, San Diego, Californie, une des plus grandes societes de marketing et d'importation de poisson du pays.
"Nunca he visto una tormenta como esta", afirmo John Filose, vicepresidente de ventas y marketing de Ocean Garden Products, en San Diego, California, uno de los mayores importadores de pescado y de companies de marketing del pais.
In opposing NFI's proposal for a 0.25% product value assessment on US first-receivers and importers to support a Mandatory Resource Enhancement and Access Program under guidelines set by the US Department of Agriculture, Jon Filose, OGP's vice president of sales and marketing, noted that his company already offers technical and financial support to producers.
"Compared to any other producing nation, Mexico is closest to the largest seafood consuming market in the world -- the United States," said John Filose, Ocean Garden's Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
"In order to sell our seafood products professionally and successfully, relationships between the sales representative and the buyer must not only be developed -- they must be enhanced on every sales call," emphasizes John Filose, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
Spearheading the well-coordinated international drive is John Filose, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
was John Filose, vice president of Ocean Garden Products and former president of NFI, who thought generic marketing was of questionable value to begin with.