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, pl.


(fī'lō-pō'dē-ŭm, -ă),
1. A slender filamentous pseudopodium of certain free-living amebae.
2. A filamentous projection from a platelet that allows matrix formation.
[L. filum, thread, + G. pous, foot]
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The tip of the growth cone has several finger-like projections known as filopodium, which are able to advance the axon through the immediate environment and in the appropriate direction.
In addition, the number of hippocampal dendritic spines which were positive for F-actin stain decreased 4 months after PA [28] and increased 1 month after PA along with enhanced filopodium formation and synaptogenesis [29].
Similarly, pixels that lie within the trajectory of an elongating or withdrawing filopodium will be continuously on or off until the filopodium either moves into or out of the pixel position, after which the pixel value will flip (Figure 4(b)(ii)).