film plastic

film plas·tic

(film plastik)
Outer protective covering on dental radiographic film.
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De Lima's statement followed a study by environmental organization Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives showing that Filipinos use more than 163 million plastic sachets, 48 million plastic shopping bags and 45 million thin film plastic bags daily.
The situation prompted owners of eateries to use disposable plates, spoons, forks and cups and wrap plates with thin film plastic bags to avoid the use of water.
Some sellers even wrapped plates with thin film plastic bags.
According to APR, for decades retailers have been deeply committed to recycling cardboard and film plastic and shopping bags.
"We each encounter flexible film plastic products in our everyday lives," said SPI vice president of industry affairs and FFBD liaison Patty Long.
INSIDER'S favourite Hollyoaks Hollywood export (along with Ricky Whittle that is), Emma Rigby has been enjoying the red carpet spotlight as her new film Plastic hits cinemas.
The new "Bio-buddy(TM) dog waste bag" is now being manufactured and marketed into the USA and online by Custom Bioplastics, an established USA manufacturer of blown and cast film plastic packaging located in the Pacific Northwest.
All of the food on board included organic ingredients and the vita film plastic and aluminum tops were eliminated and replaced with recyclable plastic cups and water bottles (elaborated with 25 percent recycled PET).
The simplest and least costly system for protecting plants is with film plastic covers.
Based on a survey by Data Consult, film plastic requirement of flexible packaging industry and rotogravure printing (converting industry) for food packaging is 55% of the country's total film plastic requirement.
One more contender for film plastic (such as grocery bags and pallet wrap) is NextLife of Delray Beach, Fla.