film placement

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film place·ment

(film plāsmĕnt)
Putting radiographic film on an area or site.
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The design of some digital sensors may affect film placement. The smaller recording dimension may cut off the roots, to help avoid this problem slightly increase the vertical angulation of the x-ray cone to capture root surfaces (1).
The fleeting images focus upon a hired killer (Henry Fonda), but this film within a film placement is not just a compound hit-man reference.
Joseph Portelli, plastics industry program manager at Fanuc Robotics America, explains why six-axis, jointed-arm, servo robots are right for IMD applications: "Six degrees of freedom provide the full articulation necessary to completely tweak the film placement. This is critical because if the location or orientation are off, pinches or wrinkles may appear in the film, which in turn may let the substrate material creep in front of the film."
While the physics and geometric principles are the same for medical and dental radiography, film sizes, film holders, exposure techniques and film placement techniques have been adapted specifically to imaging the oral cavity.
Tighter control of film placement and seal creation is also featured (Sage Automation, 4925 Fannett Rd., Beaumont, TX 77705)