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an apparatus by which oxygen is introduced into the blood during circulation outside the body, as during open-heart surgery. See also heart-lung machine.
bubble oxygenator a device in which pure oxygen is bubbled through an extracorporeal reservoir of blood, either directly or through a filter.
film oxygenator a device, encased in a container of oxygen, that makes possible reduction of a thin film of blood to facilitate the exchange of gases.
pump oxygenator heart-lung machine.
rotating disk oxygenator a type of film oxygenator in which a series of parallel disks rotate through an extracorporeal pool of venous blood in a container of oxygen; gaseous exchange occurs between the thin film of blood on the exposed surface of the disks and the oxygen in the container.
screen oxygenator a type of film oxygenator in which the venous blood is passed over a series of screens in a container of oxygen, gaseous exchange taking place in the thin film of blood produced on the screens.
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A device for mechanically oxygenating something, but esp. blood, e.g., during thoracic or open-heart surgery.

bubble oxygenator

A device for bubbling oxygen through the blood during extracorporeal circulation.

extracorporeal membrane oxygenator

Abbreviation: ECMO
A device that circulates blood, removes carbon dioxide from it, and adds oxygen to it. The blood is warmed to an appropriate temperature and recirculated to the patient. ECMO is used in patients with acute respiratory distress that has not responded to conventional mechanical ventilation, as well as in patients with meconium aspiration syndrome, pneumonia, and persistent pulmonary hypertension.

intravenous membrane oxygenator

An artificial lung that has been used experimentally to assist in the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, esp. in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), respiratory failure, or chest trauma.

rotating disk oxygenator

A device for oxygenating blood during extracorporeal circulation. A thin film of blood attaches to a disk as it dips into the blood flow. The portion of the disk not in the blood is rotating in an atmosphere of oxygen.

screen oxygenator

A device for oxygenating blood during extracorporeal circulation. The blood passes over a series of screens that are in an oxygen atmosphere. Oxygen is exchanged in the thin film of blood on the screens.
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