film digitizer

film di·gi·ti·zer

(film diji-tī-zĕr)
Equipment for converting scanned hard-copy x-ray images to digital images.
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AFC launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign today to help fund the construction of its AnthroCine film digitizer. It is a system that is capable of swiftly and economically scanning the world's oldest movies with incredibly high resolutions.
Used with the VIDAR CAD PRO Advantage Film Digitizer, Clinical Express 3.0 allows prior film-based studies to be digitized and then reviewed alongside new studies on digital mammography workstations.
The company believes its vertical integration of CAD and hardware development results in better integration of software and film digitizer components, lower production costs and reduced administrative overhead.
Engineered for mammography computer-aided detection (CAD), the CAD PRO Advantage film digitizer provides a combination of high image quality, speed, consistency and repeatability, as well as reliable film feeding, to improve workflow and productivity.
Patent and Trademark Office has issued iCad two patents for its Fulcrum mammography film digitizer and technology.
The company's CAD systems include proprietary software technology and a radiographic film digitizer manufactured by the company, together with standard computer and display equipment.