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All of the following are advantages of thermoluminescent dosimeters compared with film badges except:
In a detailed list of suggestions to practitioners, Rollins urged the use of lead-lined boxes to enclose x-ray tubes and admonished x-ray technicians, as they were then known, to wear a special film badge he had designed to warn them of excessive exposure.
The oldest and best-established personnel dosimeter is the film badge; others include the optically stimulated luminescent (OSL) dosimeter, the pocket ionization chamber and the thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD).
At the end of the monitoring period, perhaps a month, a densitometer is used to measure the optical density of the filter images on the film badge and determine the amount of radiation to which the film was exposed.
A mid-1950s National Bureau of Standards test found that several laboratories erred by plus-or-minus-100 percent in their reading of film badges similar to those used at Crossoards.
Table 1 Total Ring Badge Mean Dose During Study Period Film Badge N Mean Dose Location (mRem) Right hand 29 595.9 Left hand 29 1366.6 Table 2 Paired T -test Data for Left and Right Hand Film Badges Mean Difference t df Sig.
The top brass must have thought I was in some sort of danger because I was issued with a film badge.
They even said the film badge must have been issued to me as part of a simulation exercise."
Although film badges have been in use for approximately 60 years, they largely have been replaced by pocket dosimeters.
The film badge cannot measure exposures less than 10 mR.