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butt welds in flat plates and cruciform joints with fillet welds. This question is of great relevance to researchers and practitioners in the field of fatigue-critical steel structures, such as bridges, masts, cranes and other movable steel structures.
'If you use fillet welds you need to hit the edge of the workpiece with the laser exactly,' Bautze continued.
For two of the four specimens, split pipes were connected using four U-bolts as shown in Figure 4(a), and for the other two specimens, the connection was with three U-bolts and 5 mm size, 76.2 mm long fillet welds at ends as shown in Figure 4(b).
According to Giles, the recommended matching consumables for groove welds and fillet welds "performed well, but there was a problem in getting the arc stabilized during welding." Several cracks resulted in the fillet welds, which comprise the majority of welds on a typical bridge.
Handwelders are available to produce fillet welds and equipment is available to manufacture special parts or elements in HDPE, such as inlet and outlet piping and overflows for SX tanks.
The IntelliWeld features prefocus optics that are optimised for fibre-coupled disk lasers, or fibre lasers with powers up to 8kW, and enable precise contour tracking for fillet welds. Scanlab's newest addition to the IntelliWeld family, the IntelliWeld II, also offers an integrated zoom axis, which makes it particularly well suited for overlap welding, as its variable spot size can weld flexible seam widths.
POLIFAN CURVE is a flap disc designed for grinding fillet welds. The flaps wrap from the bottom to the top of the disc, allowing for excellent grinding and finishing results on fillet welds.
Also there are minimum required dimensions of fillet welds according to cited norm.
Because of the greater deposition rate, fewer passes need to be made, and joints such as fillet welds can be completed faster.
Suitable for use on angle grinders of all output levels, it is ideal for work on weld seams and for grinding surfaces and fillet welds. WHISPER-ALU is available as a Type 27 depressed center wheel in 4 (1/2) - and 5-inch diameters with a 1/4 -inch thickness.
It is more forgiving than gas metal arc welding and is more flexible and adaptable than submerged arc welding * Excellent weld appearance smooth and uniform welds, less liable to porosity * Relatively high travel speeds and considerably reduced spatter * Visible arc easy to weld * Excellent contour of horizontal fillet welds * FCAW welds a variety of steels over a wide thickness range * High deposition rate, high current density.