stratum lemnisci

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strat·um lem·nis·'ci

a largely fibrous (hence whitish) layer of the superior colliculus separating the middle gray layer of superior colliculus from the deep gray layer of superior colliculus and containing, among others, fibers from the spinal and trigeminal lemnisci.
Synonym(s): fillet layer
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The main course is tenderloin of beef fillet layered with portabella mushrooms and the dessert is cranberry cheesecake.
The evening menu, at pounds 26 for two courses or pounds 31 for three, goes for greater luxury with feuillete of mushrooms with truffle cream or roast beef fillet layered with smoked pancetta lardons, red onion and thyme rosti and flageolet beans.
Sample some delightful canapes in the airy conservatory as you mull over a menu which may (it is changed regularly) include such temptations as grilled beef fillet layered with tomato and olive salsa.