An intermediate filament protein found in lens fiber cells; serves as an anchor for vimentin.
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From water insoluble fraction, vimentin, gelsolin, gamma enolase like protein, filensin like protein and ATP synthase subunit B were identified.
Beaded filament proteins are known as filensin and phakinin (Graw and Loster, 2004).
The most abundant protein spot was identified as filensin like protein.
In this study, we identified Filensin like protein, Gelsolin, Vimentin, Gamma enolase like protein and ATP synthase subunit B from insoluble fraction of Uromastyx hardwickii lens.
According to the degree of sequence identity, IF proteins have been grouped into six sequence homology classes (SHC): acidic keratins (SHC I); basic keratins (SHC II); desmin; vimentin; and other mesenchymal IF proteins such as glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) (SHC III); neurofilament (NF) proteins (ShC IV); lamins (SHC V); and an orphan group harboring the lens specific IF proteins phakinin and filensin [94, 95].