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Pertaining to a filaria (or filariae), including the microfilaria stage.
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Pertaining to a filaria (or filariae), including the microfilaria stage.
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Threadlike. The word "filament" is formed from the same root word.
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Multivariate regression analysis applied to all 370 patients showed that having filarial infection increased the odds of having SMM by 6.49 and the existence of [less than or equal to] 1 hemoglobinopathies increased the odds by 3.93.
geniculatus) were infected with filarial strains previously described from Dirofilaria immitis, and two mosquitoes (Aedes punctor and Culex torrentium) were positive for both arthropod and filarial strains.
Most laboratory findings including filarial worm egg inspection were within normal limits, though urinalysis confirmed pyuria.
brasiliensis nematodes as well as filarial nematodes like Brugia malayi highlighted how induction of AAMs is determinant in the response against these parasites.
Thus different studies conducted on anti-Wolbachia treatment in vivo (animal and human) and in vitro demonstrated lethal effects on filarial parasite viability.
On some filarial parasites of South American primates, with a description of Tetrapetalonema tamarinae n.
In the early stages, medical therapy with DEC can produce good results in the filarial disease of the neck.
Interestingly, it is worth noting that the recent case reported by Chew and Teh [24] was based on ultrasound (US) and the observation of the filarial dance sign (FDS), an alternative diagnosis method for LF, commonly used in India [25] and not on the detection of MF in blood.
* Filarial infections, eg lymphatic filariasis, loiasis, and onchocerciasis, can also cause eosinophilia.
In the session on filarial, Eileen Devaney from Scotland discussed about the microRNA: A new technique for Filarial nematode and its control.
(70) Recent studies also showed existence of co-infection of filarial parasite with bacteria (TB), (49) malaria (49,71) and opportunistic yeast.