filamentary keratitis

fil·a·men·ta·ry ker·a·ti·tis

a condition characterized by the formation of epithelial filaments of varying size and length on the corneal surface.
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However, the chronic group had severe eye dryness and further corneal lesions: 30 (11.8%) eyes developed filamentary keratitis (Figure 3(i)), 20 (7.9%) eyes developed corneal ulcer, 6 (2.4%) eyes developed spontaneous corneal perforation (Figure 3(j)), and 2 (0.8%) eyes developed corneal vascularization (Figure 3(k)).
Besides, photophobia, burning sensation, foreign body sensation, and fluctuating vision indicated further corneal lesion, for example, punctate keratopathy fusion, filamentary keratitis, corneal ulcer, and corneal perforation occurred in 10%-40% eyes of this group.
Chronic ocular GVHD is characterized by severe dry eye and further corneal lesions, including filamentary keratitis, corneal ulcer, and corneal vascularization.
(g)-(k) Signs and complications of chronic ocular GVHD: (g) and (h) typical fibrous secretion (arrow) of chronic ocular GVHD; (i) filamentary keratitis; (j) corneal perforation; and (k) corneal vascularization.
Other ocular manifestations in RA include episcleritis, corneal involvement which includes filamentary keratitis, sterile central ulceration, microbial keratitis, peripheral ulcerative keratitis, sclerosing keratitis, stromal keratitis, and keratolysis.
In this study, keratitis in 3% of cases was found (which was peripheral ulcerative keratitis in one patient and filamentary keratitis in 2 others), whereas only 1.6% was reported in a Bosnian study group.
Multiple, small, yellow-white membranes on the lower tarsal conjunctiva were seen in his both eyes (Figure 1 and filamentary keratitis was present in his left eye (Figure 2.
Follow-up 4 weeks later showed that he had almost recovered from filamentary keratitis in his left eye and conjunctival inflammation in both eyes, and he was prescribed Pred Forte 4x1 and Restasis 2x1.
(11) Filamentary keratitis also can be caused by a wide-angle strabismus itself.
There were also cases where a scleral was dispensed to alleviate continuous ocular discomfort caused by filamentary keratitis, and to improve the appearance of a long-standing ptosis.
Other conditions where punctal occlusion may yield some benefit include corneal infiltrates, corneal abrasions, recurrent corneal erosions, filamentary keratitis, superior limbic keratitis, trachoma and neurotrophic keratopathy.