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(fil-ag'grin), [MIM*135940]
A major protein of the keratohyalin granule, composed mostly of l-histidyl, l-lysyl, and l-arginyl residues (stratum corneum basic proteins). It aggregates keratin intermediate filaments and promotes disulfide bond formation.
[filament + aggregating]
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Increased efficacy of omalizumab in atopic dermatitis patients with wild-type filaggrin status and higher serum levels of phosphatidylcholines.
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The infants with a mutation in the filaggrin gene had a small, but not statistically significant increased risk of eczema.
"Filaggrin is a structural protein important for the formation of our skin's barrier to the outside environment.
About one-third of children with AD have severe disease, which can be predicted by three main factors: onset of signs and symptoms before 1 year of age, the presence of a filaggrin gene mutation, and concomitant immunoglobulin E (IgE) sensitization early in life.
In view of the multiplicity of citrullinated proteins described as target autoantigens for ACPA, we generated a multiepitope citrullinated peptide (Cit-ME) derived from the sequence of the major prevalent autoantigenic citrullinated proteins, namely, filaggrin, [beta]-fibrinogen, vimentin, and collagen type II.
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Pre-clinical and clinical models show that these bio-extracts modulate the innate immune system by rebalancing the microbiome to: 1) reduce skin inflammation as measured by IL-1a levels, 2) enhance the diversity of the protective commensal population, 3) disperse and facilitate the kill of pathogenic biofilms such as MRSA and pseudomonas, 4) prevent formation of new pathogenic biofilms, and 5) up-regulate filaggrin. This results in effective treatment with minimal systemic exposure.
Filaggrin and its subsequent product, natural moisturizing factor (NMF), serve as key components of the stratum corneum to aggregate keratins.
The stratum corneum arises where keratinocytes lose their nuclei, flatten and become filled with keratin filaments that are highly organised and held in place by the protein filaggrin. The cells also acquire two envelopes--one formed of proteins and the other of layers of lipids.
RF, ANA, ANCAs, specific anti- No erosion /2005 [3] filaggrin antibody, and cryoglobulin were negative Dendle et al.